Horseshoe Bay Resort Realty


Ron Lynn Mitchell


Ron Mitchell has served as the Vice Chairman of Horseshoe Bay Resort since 2004 as well as President since 2012. He is also the Vice President/Developer of Summit Rock Communities and President of Horseshoe Bay Resort. Mr. Mitchell started his tenure with Horseshoe Bay Resort as the Sales and Marketing Director in the 1970s. Since that time, Mr. Mitchell has played a critical role in leading Horseshoe Bay Resort into prominence as one of the nation’s most successful private clubs and destination resorts. Mr. Mitchell spearheaded numerous development projects for Horseshoe Bay Resort and managed many key elements of resort operations from 1979-2004. Outside of the Resort, Mr. Mitchell currently serves as Vice Chairman on the Board of Regents for the Texas State University system. He was appointed by Governor Perry to fulfill this    esteemed role that represents nine intuitions of higher education across Texas. Mr. Mitchell is also a recipient of the Marble Falls Lake LBJ lifetime achievement award for his leadership role in the development of the Highland Lakes area.


Mike Gordon

Director of Sales 

Mike Gordon became a licensed Professional Real Estate Broker in 1981 and has since gained extensive real estate experience in Texas, having served as Director of Housing for Horseshoe Bay Corp. and Vice President of Sales for Horseshoe Bay Resort. Throughout the 1990’s, Gordon gained international experience while managing marketing and real estate sales in Germany, Austria and Malaysia, for Horseshoe Bay Resort properties as well as Resort property on the west coast of Florida. Gordon’s personal interests include tennis, golf and jazz guitar. He also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a master’s degree from Florida State University.