Horseshoe Bay Resort Marina provides watercraft rentals ranging from luxury liners to personal kayaks. With continual level Lake LBJ and one of the Hill Country’s finest fleet of boats at your disposal, there’s plenty of fun to be had year-round.

The fleet includes:

  • WaveRunners® (capacity: 2 guests)
  • Ski Boat (capacity: 7 guests)
  • Party Boat, The Intrepid (capacity: 75 guests)
  • 20-foot pontoon boats (capacity: 8 guests)
  • 22-foot pontoon boats (capacity: 10 guests)
  • *New* Paddleboards & Kayaks
  • Tubes

The Marina Boardwalk features:

  • Skippers’ Hook Ship Store and Palm Boutique
    Watercraft Rental Check-in
    Shopping – offers men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, swimwear, gifts and sundries.
  • Kingfisher Dock Kids’ Camp
    Children age 7 and older may do a variety of Arts & Crafts, play Bean Bag Toss or feed the fish.
  • Skippers’ Hook Soda Shoppe
    Cool Treats & Refreshments
  • Kingfisher Bait and Sundry Hut
    Dockside Fishing

Watercraft rentals do not include gas or oil and must be refueled when returned to the Horseshoe Bay Resort Marina. All watercraft rentals include life preservers and/or paddles unless otherwise specified.

Additional services include fuel services, slip rentals and leases, boat launch access and trailer parking and storage.

Boat Drivers must be born on or before September 1, 1993, with a valid driver’s license or at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and a boater’s safety certificate issued by the TPWD. Teenagers at least 13 years of age with a boater’s safety certificate issued by the TPWD may driver waverunners, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian age of 18 or older. Documents must be in their possession any time they are on the water. 

Call now to reserve your watercraft rental:
Marina 830.598.9401
Concierge 830.598.7840

Click here here to view 2017 pricing guide