Manny the macaw

Did you know Horseshoe Bay Resort has its own Mascot? Meet Manny the Macaw!

Manny the Macaw was born in the lush tropical rain forests of Costa Rica in Central America. Manny is familiar with enormous palm trees, cascading waterfalls and thousands of tropical plants, making him feel right at home here at Horseshoe Bay Resort. Manny has a diverse group of family and friends here at the resort including parrots, flamingos, ducks and also tortoises. While Manny has made lots of new friends here at Horseshoe Bay Resort, he is especially excited to meet you!

Manny can be found at Special Events at the Resort and around town. Manny gets to interact with guests from all over the United States. He loves educating them about his new Horseshoe Bay Resort home. He will even teach you about the many special traits Macaws have, including their facial feather pattern.

Manny loves having his photo taken, so be sure to take one with him to show all your friends!


Horseshoe Bay Resort welcomes our first baby bird in many years, Manny the Ruby Macaw, named after our Mascot. Manny is the son of Merlin and Red who are residents of our Resort. Merlin is a green winged Macaw and Red is a Scarlet Macaw. They fell in love and the result is our Manny. Manny is out every day visiting with our guests and learning new words. Drop by and meet our new friend Manny!