Birds of the Bay

Horseshoe Bay Resort is home to dozens of exotic birds including colorful Macaws, Cockatoos, and more. You can meet many of the resort’s popular animals at our weekly Bird Talk, a fun interactive and educational program for adults and children.

This program will be the highlight of your stay at Horseshoe Bay Resort as children are able to ask questions in a friendly question-and-answer environment with our Avian Director at Horseshoe Bay Resort. Make sure you arrive early to meet and take a picture with Manny the Macaw – Horseshoe Bay Resort’s mascot!

Whitewater at Horseshoe Bay Resort is also home to Mingo the Flamingo and our family of large African Spurred Tortoises – make sure you say hello!

Birds Featured in the Weekly Show


Green-winged Macaw


Blue and Gold Macaw


Capri Macaw


Our family of Cockatoos